Changes in Chocolate


It is safe to say that chocolate, and chocolate flavored items, are extremely popular. Chocolate’s reach has gone past mere desserts. For years, consumers have eaten chocolate with their breakfast, lunch, dinner, and at snack time. So, is chocolate old news? Never. Here are some new chocolate trends we’re seeing this year.

Chocolate has always been a staple ingredient in desserts, but lately chocolatiers have been turning the tables on that confectionery norm. The elements of what are considered standalone desserts have been finding their way into chocolates. For example, chocolate bars are now being made with adventurous flavors including crepes, milkshakes, ice cream, and even tiramisu!

Fruit and chocolate have always gone together, but there are some new fruit flavors growing in popularity this year. Orange and strawberry have always been traditional chocolate pairings, and still are. This year, some more unique flavors like peach and cherry are gaining momentum. Other, less-common, citrus flavors like lemon are popping up more frequently as well. Grab your Citral now!

One of the most interesting developments in chocolate this year, is the combination of chocolate and vegetables. Though not as popular as the fruit and chocolate blend, we think this trend is just getting going. Don’t be surprised if your next candy bar contains sweet potato!

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