High Quality and Selective Sourcing

We provide the highest quality products to our customers and enforce a selective sourcing process for all our products. Selective sourcing ensures only high-quality raw materials pass the thresholds we set on products, which are then made available to our customers.

Our approach ensures a holistic and collaborative review with partners on the materials they provide to us. From auditing our partners operations and ensuring complete transparency, we can trust in knowing our partners also undertake the same initiative - to provide high-quality raw materials.

Best Quality Products

Product & Safe Quality

We take both quality assurance and food safety very seriously. Our team of specialists has over 75 years of combined experience in product quality and safety. This ranges from validating pH levels, density, impurities, and contaminants, to ensuring that our products are of highest quality for our customers.

Aurochemicals follows the Safe Quality Food (SQF) system, which is a globally recognized initiative for food safety. As a result, we have achieved a certification under this initiative. And since our initial SQF certification in 2014, we have received the E-Excellent rating for four consecutive years with a score of 99% for the past three consecutive years from the SQFI.

From high-quality and selective sourcing to ensuring product safety and quality, our food safety and quality assurance program has quickly evolved. It is through this evolution that we are able to show our commitment to customers by providing them with a product that stands out.

Innovative Technology

While we have solidified our place in the market as an industry leader and distributor globally, we are always looking for ways to elevate and enhance our knowledge and product line. On a daily basis, we are actively searching for new innovations, technologies, and strategies to continually cultivate a renewed energy at Aurochemicals.

We recently introduced additional in-house scrubbers that utilize a portable filtration system to remove various contaminants, gasses, or chemicals from the air. This ensures that the internal and external atmosphere at our facilities meets the high air quality standards.

Additionally, we have renovated our on-site laboratories with new state-of-the-art technology to analyze and validate materials, expand analytical capabilities, and offer the best service possible to our customers. It also allows us to advance our research and development, and expand our current listing of over 500 products. Our new lab supports and aligns with our commitment to quality assurance and quality control excellence.

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