Tastemakers in Sustainability Practices

At Aurochemicals, not only are 99 percent of our 500+ natural flavor and fragrance ingredients made from renewable resources, but we are also committed to being responsible stewards of the natural environment from which we harvest our key components. Our core values demand that we be mindful of how we treat the environment, to operate sustainably, and avoid contributing to the increasingly irreparable damage that climate change, pollution and overuse of natural resources are having on a global scale.

Our socially- and health-conscious consumers also demand it! Authenticity over artificiality is a popular industry trend, from the grocery store and co-op shoppers who want products representative of what nature has to offer, to food manufacturers who count on us for “All Natural” products. It’s these commitments that drive our ongoing work to improve processes, maximize efficiency and cut consumption. We’ve dramatically improved our green footprint by implementing our “Five R’s”.

We collect and ship out recyclables weekly for proper handling. All fiberboard, cardboard shipping materials are composted or recycled.

We cut energy and resource consumption by sharing documents electronically, using skylights and windows for natural light, and insulating our facility against heat loss.

We converted from oil heat to propane and improved efficiency by 10%, and switched from gas-powered to electric forklifts.

We reuse items like pallets, and reprocess and repurpose off-specification materials – which don’t meet our final product standards – as part of our research and development efforts.

We re-spread mulch on our grounds, cultivate an on-site garden, and always take care to preserve the natural landscape.

In short, Aurochemicals is doing what we can every day to reduce our carbon footprint and protect the environment. It’s one more way we have established ourselves as a leader in safe and sustainable natural fragrance and flavor ingredients.